It has been almost a year since our partnership, R & D Enterprises, went through a domain brokerage house to sell the “” domain. In the world of the internet, a “natural” three or four letter common word before the “.com” extension was a very valuable virtual property as a cyberspace location. We had registered the “” domain in the early 1990’s, and Network Solutions (i.e. the only domain registrar at the time) duly sold us the available “” domain for around the princely sum of about $35.00 per year. By last August, we had invested approximately $550.00 to own and operate the “” domain for around 15 years.

Over the last 5 or so years, we had implemented Google’s Adsense program to display and generate potential income through ad click-thru’s for a monthly income averaging a few hundred dollars a month. During that time period, the website was generating often more than a million hits/visits per month. We decided that the sale of the “” domain could be worth enough to allow re-investment of the sale proceeds in income generating instruments like a Bond Fund.

We completed the sale of the “” domain last August and sold the domain for more than $100,000.00 (we have agreed not to reveal the actual proceeds, but feel you should be aware of the potential value of a “natural” domain name like “”). After capital gains taxes were paid on the sale of the “intellectual property”, the “” sale proceeds were invested and now produce around $1000.00 per month. This monthly cash flow is more than enough to cover all the business expenses of operating our partnership, R & D Enterprises, including 12 or more servers, a 64 IP addressed synchronous commercial fiber optic circuit, 20 or more other domain names (visit many of them by clicking on one of the Virtual Tours listed on the left of this page), and any other expenses R & D Enterprises incurs on a monthly basis.

We hope the new owners of the “” domain enjoy as much success as we had in the future. The old “” website is preserved under 3 domain names:;; or Enjoy! Y’all come back now.