Don’t let your bus go on the road without a wrapper. Naked bus exteriors just don’t make it these days. Make it snazzy and your buses may get noticed a whole lot more. More importantly, if you lease advertising space as a bus company, that’s a source of revenue. On the other hand, it is, at least, cheap promotional spot-lighting for individual bus operators like a bluegrass performer. You may not see Rhonda Vincent in the picture greeting a fan, but if ya know what she looks like closeup you can’t mistake her image on the side of the bus. Her name doesn’t appear on the bus actually, but since Martha White products are sponsoring, just Rhonda Vincent’s image is enough if you’re a fan.

When is the last time you saw any buses either private or public that don’t have advertising on them? Advertising that relates to bus travel of any type goes right along where the bus actually goes. The wrapper is on the bus itself. It’s better than the old school roadside billboard, which is stationary and may not be on anybody’s route. Just like there used to be a lot companies that did stationary billboards, there are a lot of people who do custom painting, artwork, advertising, and wrappers for buses and trucks. Just Google(tm) ‘bus wrappers’ if your interested.

(All images taken at the May 2015 Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival. There is genuine excitement when an artist tour bus rolls into an event like this.)