The production of Natural Gas in the U.S. has surpassed all previous records and is an economic boom in its own right. On the other hand, this increased supply of natural gas has changed metropolitan bus transportation systems even more. It is rare to see a bus in most major cities these days that does not tout that it runs on ‘clean’ natural gas.

There are a number of reasons this transformation has taken place over a handful of recent years. First, current gas production techniques have radically changed the amount of natural gas available. Furthermore, with such abundance, the price has decreased greatly making natural gas more economical.

Another consideration is the ease with which fleets of buses can be converted to using natural gas instead of refined petroleum products. This is especially true of larger fleets in major city systems. Also, more bus manufacturers are manufacturing natural gas buses that cities are buying as replacements or fleet expansions.

Finally, it is worthy to note that the efficiency of natural gas as a fuel is not only cheaper to use, but markedly less polluting to the atmosphere. Take the metro bus and let us all breathe a little easier.