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January 12th, 2008
Bus Fleet Acquisition Begins for Terra Yachting
By Dale Roethlisberger

Terra Yachting has begun it’s search for a previously owned “entertainer” or “crew/band” bus to be the first in a series of land yachts employed in eco-friendly travel packages. Our first luxury conversion bus will be christened the “Enterprise” and it’s tentative tours for 2008 will be for musicians to ‘jam’ at a series of weekend music festivals. Musician tour participants will be expected to play acoustical instruments and sing in improvisational music sets and conduct workshops demonstrating jamming techniques in exchange for lodging (this will be ‘bunk’ style sleeping arrangements), camping fees, and festival admissions fees. These ‘jams’ will be video recorded for a documentary series to be sold on the Callahans Junction web site.

There will be four “Pole and Canvas” mobile shops (i.e. essentially like ‘craft’ shops you find at most festivals) at each corner of the “Enterprise” when the land yacht arrives at its appointed destination. In addition to the Callahans Junction “JammoRama” club where all the music takes place, there will also be a pole and canvas shop for Bus Works providing Internet access stations for daily fees and conducting eco-awareness public tours of the green energy enhancements and savings features of the “Enterprise” bus. The third mobile shop will be an outlet for EnviroPhotonics providing eco-friendly portable and installed fixture lamps like compact fluorescents lamps and LED lamps and novelty items. Finally, a mobile video production studio, Vodd Ville, where customers can act or perform in their own mini productions for a reasonable fee.